Over the past decade, I have been in and out of university. Completed or current taking: an undergraduate degree in Engineer at McGill University, an IT certificate offered by McGill University, and online courses on Udemy and Coursera.

These various educational experiences gave me a deep understanding of the value that comes from self-learning and formal education paths, which I would like to share with you.


Self-learning is the most difficult path to learn any material yet the most rewarding. …,width-640,resizemode-4,imgsize-1034392/work-from-home-like-a-pro.jpg

Over the summer with the COVID-19 pandemic settling down, there are talks between executives and managers on whether employees should be forced to return to the office or could have the option to work from home permanently.

Listen to your employees

It is infuriating when companies do not listen to the needs of their employees. When the employees say they want better benefits, higher salaries, managers refuse until enough employees leaves. Then the managers complains that it is hard to find good employees.

I believe employees care about the business’s success and their own success. In the past, business’s were…

I want to be a hero that saves everyone, yet I cannot even save myself.


I was watching My Hero Academia and the main character gave a conviction that he must save everyone. His monologue connected with me and rilled me up with excitement before his fight scene and desire to be better, for myself and others.

My Desire

I crave to change the world, to make life easier for others. To help people through intense struggles. Yet I struggle to wake up early, eat healthy, and work on productive tasks.

I don’t believe everyone must be saved, but…


If you have a big assignment due tomorrow and you are procrastinating to complete it. Tell yourself that when you finish a TV show episode or after 30 minutes has elapsed. You will start working on your assignment.
This sounds like a great strategy, however, myself and most people who have a habit of procrastinating, tend to tell ourselves after finish that one episode of “Lupin, the 3rd”. Oh just one episode, then I will start my assignment.

Yet… that one episode becomes 6 episodes and its 2am and you haven’t started your assignment yet.

Fixing Procrastination

If this…,f_auto,q_auto:best/newscms/2018_40/2593976/181005-stock-sorry-sign-ew-1147a-2593976.jpg

Canadians are known for saying “sorry”, I say “sorry” a lot, and even “a”. But when someone apologizes, are they sincere or just saying it out of habit.

There are multiple ways of apologizing:

1- genuinely — “I am truly sorry for destroying your car. What can I do to make it up to you?”

2- forced — “I am sorry for the way I acted on the road.”

3- insulting — “I am sorry for the way your face looks.”

4- habitually— Saying “Sorry”, after the other person bumped into you

There is no right or wrong way to…

Stresses, struggles, and the beginning of a habit

When I was young I hated brushing my teeth, waking up earlier, and going to school. I hated spending my little energy I had in the morning doing things that felt useless. Overtime, I didn’t have my parents to nag me to do the tasks, which resulted in having to receive the consequences of my actions (or lack of actions).

20 years later, I regret not keeping the morning and nightly routine forced by my parents. I have bad teeth, recessed gums, weak muscles, and low motivation to get up in the…

I recently read a story in the The Globe and Mail saying that in North America companies do not have enough qualified workers, that tech companies want more qualified workers. But with the enormous amount of new grads who are unemployed today, why is the situation occurring?

What do companies ACTUALLY want?

Companies want employees who can perform a skilled worked when asked and who they can pay cheaply to do it. Today, companies are predominantly seeking employees who have the skill to program. This skill is being taught through: Universities, online courses, bootcamps, and textbooks. …

The more I want something, the less time I put into it.

This thought is counter-intuitive. Normally, you would expect that the more you want something, the more time, energy and sweet you put into it. However, I view this thought as:

being afraid of failure.

What are you afraid of?

We are all afraid of things. Being afraid of spiders that crawl under your bed. Afraid of smelling bad before a date. Forgetting to bring a pencil to an exam.

Our brain over exaggerates the negative possibilities that could happen to you, and you accept it. As a result, you change your behaviour to…

Death is painless, but living is painful. This article will provide my thoughts on why.

When you die, your body stops functioning. And your thoughts, struggles, and pain disappears. But when you are living, you feel sharp pains from burning your hand on the oven, repressions of not exercising daily, and making poor decisions.

Why are we given this perception?

The pain you feel motivates you to prevent it, therefore you take actions to remove it. Then pain creeps up in another aspect, motivating you again to remove it, repeating this cycle throughout your life. …

Goodness versus badness

What does it mean to be good or bad? Why are certain humans portraited as bad while others as good? What is the criteria to evaluate the goodness or badness of someone?

Why do we have difficulty expressing our emotions?

When I chat with someone and I have a deep meaningful connection with them. Why does my body word-thoughts freeze, but my emotions are exploding? I see deep-level communication happening on two level: where we are able to convert our thoughts into concrete words AND have our body sense an internal emotion that we don’t understand clearly but vibrates deep within.

In addition, later in the week, when…

Benjamin Landry

I spend my time dreaming about food, watching fictional characters go through adventures, and think of creative ideas to improve the future.

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